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FAQs on essential errands for migrant workers

Find out more about the online request form, time slots and transport related to essential errands.

Essential errands

Is passport renewal considered an essential errand if there is no online renewal application? What document do I upload as proof?Show

Yes, passport renewal is considered an essential errand.

Once you have secured an appointment for passport collection, you can screenshot the confirmed appointment and upload when you submit the essential request online.

Is purchasing of medication (for chronic illness) considered an essential errand especially if the migrant worker has a prescription on hand?Show

Yes, this would fall under medical appointments if access to specialised treatment or medication where generic or substitute medications are not available at primary care medical post.

The essential errand I need my migrant worker to perform is not within MOM's list, but it is critical to my business. Can MOM approve my request?Show

Employers should try to assist the migrant worker if the errand can be performed electronically.

As part of our efforts to allow our migrant workers to carry out their essential errands safely, and at the same time mitigate the risks of COVID-19 transmissions, we have limited the list of errands to those deemed to be essential due to the urgency to resolve the matter in order to:

  • Be repatriated.
  • Effect a change of employer.
  • Receive salaries electronically.
  • Seek medical or dental treatment.
  • Assist in investigations.
  • Attend to ongoing court matters.

To balance the needs of the workers and employers, as well as ensure that the risk of any community transmission is mitigated, MOM will progressively review the easing of workers’ movement.

What are the documentation that employers and dormitory operators can submit as proof?Show

Examples of documentary proofs that can be uploaded

For collection of passports Screenshot of the appointment date and time to collect the passport.
For court hearings, investigations and related activities (Work Injury Compensation Act, Employment Claims Tribunal, State Court, High Court) Subpoenas, or court issued slips indicating the next hearing date or official letters from relevant authorities.
For work pass related errands (listed in the advisory) MOM, Work Pass Division appointment letter that indicate date and time, or screenshot of the appointment date and time or a copy of the notification letter if migrant worker needs to go for his pre-employment check-up in order to fulfil his work pass requirement.
For medical appointments (e.g. specialist appointments, access to investigation modalities unavailable at medical centres for migrant workers) Referral letter from doctor at dorm, or screenshot of appointment card indicating date and time, or prescription letter from doctor if migrant worker requires medication that is not available at the migrant worker medical centres, or Work Injury Compensation Department letter requiring migrant worker to go for specialised treatment or to assess permanent injury.
For banking services (listed in the advisory) If migrant worker needs to close their account before repatriation, they can provide their flight details. Screenshot of ATM and Jolly App activation errors or screenshot of SMS message indicating activation error due to unregistered phone number or email from DBS / POSB for workers to go to its branch at Kaki Bukit to rectify any error or complete banking request.
For WSH training for worker / operator and supervisor-level courses (listed in the advisory) WSH’s confirmation letter for date of course and time and venue.

If my worker is visiting the Recreation Centre, do I need to submit the request?Show

No, you don't need to request if your workers are visiting the Recreation Centre as part of their staggered rest day.

Visits to the Recreation Centre will be via Exit Pass.

If my worker is being repatriated soon and needs to go to the bank to close their bank account, is there a need to submit the request?Show

Yes, you need to upload your worker’s flight details as document of their impending departure.

As all in-person WSH training for worker / operator and supervisor-level courses have resumed, will attending these courses be considered as an essential errand?Show

Yes this will be considered as an essential errand.

Refer to the addendum to the advisory for details on the courses.

Online essential errands request

After submitting online, will there be any outcome or response from MOM?Show

There is no approval required. The online form is intended to notify MOM of the request.

Once you submit the online request, your worker is allowed to proceed with the specified activity.

Will I get a copy of the online form which I submitted?Show

When completing the online request, you will need to input your email.

A PDF copy of the completed request will be sent to that email.

I'm a dormitry operator. How do I know if the employer has submitted the request?Show

Since a PDF copy of the form will be sent to the email provided by the employer during submission of the form, the employer can provide a screenshot to the worker as documentation when exiting the dormitory.

What are the dormitory operators' role when migrant workers exit the dormitory for their essential errand?Show

We urge dormitory operators to verify that the worker has:

  • Access Code Green or Access Code Red (not approved to start work) and not on SHN or Quarantine Order.
  • PDF copy of the submitted request form.

Upon the worker’s return, we urge dormitory operators to check that the worker has kept to their 3-hour block.

Time slot

What should dormitory operators do if the migrant worker didn't keep to their 3-hour block?Show

Dorm operators can assist MOM by taking down the migrant workers’ particulars, the time they returned and any other relevant details and highlight to MOM. MOM will assess on whether enforcement action should be taken.

What time can workers can leave their dormitory for essential errand?Show

After submitting the online request, workers can leave any time in a 3-hour block, between 10am – 5pm.

The exceptions are:

Worker needs to attend Allowed to leave
Court hearings 9:30am – 6pm
WSH courses 8am – 7pm
WSQ courses 7:30am – 6:30pm

Why are the time slots only between 10am - 5pm?Show

For a start, as part of our efforts to allow our migrant workers to carry out their essential errands safely, and at the same time mitigate the risks of COVID-19 transmissions, migrant workers should only carry out their essential errands during non-peak periods.

My worker's medical appointment is at 9am, should I choose the earliest time slot at 10am? Will this be treated as a false declaration?Show

You should avoid indicating inaccurate timing to avoid any misunderstanding and confusion when the migrant worker exits for their essential errand.

Employers should try to reschedule your worker’s medical appointment after 10am.


Must I provide transport for my workers to carry out the essential errands?Show

Only migrant workers residing in decant sites require employer-provided point-to-point transport.

In addition to providing transport, employers with migrant workers residing in decant sites need to submit the essential errands request 3 days in advance to facilitate exit clearance.

Employers are strongly encouraged to provide transport for their migrant workers as they are accountable for their workers when their workers carry out the specified essential errand.

Can my worker walk or cycle to carry out their essential errand?Show

Migrant workers are allowed to walk or cycle to run their essential errand if the placess of errand are nearby, e.g. within 1KM of the dormitory.

For migrant workers residing in decant sites, they will be allowed to walk or cycle to the location of the essential errand if:

  • It is situated nearby (within 1KM of the decant site).
  • There is little chance of the worker making detours into other community areas and places.

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