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Educational resources on COVID-19 vaccination for work pass holders

Work Permit (including MDWs), S Pass, EP, LTVP and Dependant’s Pass holders will be eligible for free COVID-19 vaccination. Find out more about the safety and benefits of COVID-19 vaccine, as well as common side effects and risks of allergic reactions to it.

Get Vaccinated, Get Protected

Get Vaccinated, Get Protected

Download “Get Vaccinated, Get Protected” to find out why COVID-19 vaccination is important, and why you should get vaccinated.

Doctors address questions on COVID-19 vaccine

Doctors address some common questions about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Vaccination experience

Check out what our migrant worker friends have to say about their vaccination experience.

Our migrant domestic workers sharing her experience on their COVID-19 vaccinations

COVID-19 vaccination for migrant domestic workers

Download the posters to find out why you should go for the vaccination, and how you can register for it.

Thumbnail - COVID-19 Vaccination is available for Migrant Domestic Workers

COVID-19 vaccination - Did you know?

Check out the answers to common questions on COVID-19 vaccination.

Are the Vaccines Safe

Are the vaccines safe?

did you know about covid vaccination in english

What are the side effects?

did you know about covid vaccination in english

How effective is the COVID-19 vaccination?

did you know about covid vaccination in english

Can persons with underlying medical conditions take the vaccine?

Vaccination process

Find out what happens before and during your vaccination session.

COVID-19 vaccination screening forms

Take a look at the screening forms before going for your vaccination.

Moderna COVID-19 vaccination screening forms

Audio guides on the COVID-19 vaccination screening form

Audio guides on how to fill in the screening form before vaccination.

COVID-19 vaccination info sheets

Download the COVID-19 vaccination information sheets to have a better understanding on the vaccination.