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COVID-19 dormitory clearance has completed

From May to August 2020, the Inter-Agency Taskforce (ITF) systematically tested all dormitory residents to clear the dormitories of COVID-19. All dormitories have since been cleared.

This means at the point of clearance, all residents in the dormitory had recovered, tested to be free from the virus, or moved to other government facilities to complete their isolation or quarantine depending on their health status.

In addition, the dormitory must have also implemented the necessary Safe Living Measures.

However, this does not mean that there will never be any new infections in the future, as dormitory residents who have never been infected by COVID-19 remain susceptible to the virus. Workers, employers and dormitory operators should remain vigilant and continue to comply with Safe Living Measures to minimise the risk of another outbreak.

Last updated 19 September 2020

Leaving your dormitory safely for work

Watch the videos for workers in cleared dormitories on returning to work safely.