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Application to convert workplaces to Temporary Living Quarters (TLQ)

From 27 May 2020, employers must apply to MOM and wait for our approval before using a new TLQ.

If your workers are currently staying in a PBD, FCD, CTQ or TOL quarters, you are not allowed to relocate them to another accommodation.

How to apply

Employers seeking to convert your workplaces (factory or office space) to Temporary Living Quarters (TLQs) to house your foreign workers (including workers affected by Malaysia’s Movement Control Order) must make an application first.

You can house maximum 20 in an office-converted TLQ, 40 for a TLQ at a construction site, and 40 in a factory-converted TLQ. If you need to house more than the maximum, you need to email hi_engagement@mom.gov.sg for approval before applying for TLQ.

To apply:

  1. Download and complete Form A – Checklist for TLQ, and embed all required photographs within.
  2. Apply online and attach the completed “Form A – Checklist for TLQ”.

After you have applied online, you must wait for MOM’s approval. We will respond within 5 working days.

If you have previously submitted a declaration for a TLQ, you can continue using that TLQ. You don’t need to submit an application for the same TLQ.


As an employer, you must ensure that:

  • All conditions in Form A – Checklist for TLQ are met, if applicable.
  • You must not falsely declare any detail in your application.
  • Your workers must consent to stay at the TLQ.
  • The cost of converting the TLQ is not passed on to the workers.
  • Your workers are medically fit before they are housed at the TLQ.
  • Update OFWAS with your workers’ new addresses once they have moved to the TLQ. Please also update OFWAS for workers who normally commute between Singapore and Malaysia daily.

    Your TLQ approval may be cancelled if you fail to update OFWAS with your workers’ addresses.
  • The TLQ remains safe and clean throughout the duration of the conversion. There must be no hazards (e.g. dangerous equipment, flammable substances) within the sleeping area.
  • Occupants live in acceptable conditions, for example:
    • Each worker should be provided proper beds (no cardboards or canvas sheets as beds).
    • The sleeping area is adequately ventilated.
    • Workers must have access to clean toilets and shower areas.
    • There are proper places to dry laundry away from sleeping area.
    • Workers are provided with adequate and appropriate storage space, including a secure place for items of value.
    • There are sufficient electrical points provided.

NEA’s conditions

NEA has temporarily allowed TLQ premises to be situated within health and safety (H&S) buffer areas. You should ensure these conditions are met:

  • This waiver is a one-off and does not set the precedence to allow TLQ to be located within H&S buffers after the COVID-19 period.
  • Where possible, you should carry out a risk assessment to identify the furthest location within their plant to site the TLQ away from any large storage of hazardous materials.
  • You should also comply with NEA’s general conditions on provisions of sanitary facilities and refuse collection / disposal:
Government officers may inspect the TLQ premises at any time. Any false information in the application form, or failure to keep the TLQ safe and clean, may result in enforcement action and revocation of approval.

What can be converted

Employers can convert workplaces (factory or office space) in the following areas:

  • Land zoned in Business 1 / Business 2 and Business Parks.
  • Site offices at construction sites to TLQs.
  • Addition of new modules (containers or partitions) to existing construction temporary quarters (CTQs) at construction sites.

Length of use

The maximum period of TLQ usage is 6 months.

For JTC lessee or tenant

If you are a JTC lessee or tenant, please inform JTC of your new TLQ by email to jtc_temp_dorm@jtc.gov.sg after you have received MOM’s approval.

Your email should include:

  • A copy of Form A – Checklist for TLQ with all details filled in and photos embedded
  • A copy of MOM’s approval
  • Company name
  • Company UEN
  • Address of TLQ
  • Number of workers housed at the TLQ


For any enquiries, email us at hi_engagement@mom.gov.sg.