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Advisory to employers - Pilot of Antigen Rapid Tests in dormitories

Issued on 11 June 2021

Pilot of Antigen Rapid Tests in dormitories

This advisory is issued for selected dormitories for the ART pilot:

  • 6 Tuas South St 13 Dorm
  • 26 Woodlands Loop Dorm
  • Tuas View Dorm

The Assurance, Care and Engagement Group (ACE) under the Ministry of Manpower, supported by the Ministry of Health, will be conducting a pilot using Antigen Rapid Test (ART) kits for residents in selected dormitories from 14 June to 24 June.

The pilot is in line with our national efforts to carry out faster and simpler COVID-19 tests more widely and at higher frequencies. It will provide insights on how we can use such tests to complement and enhance our existing Rostered Routine Testing regime.

  1. Your migrant workers have been selected to participate in our ART pilot. During this pilot, we will train all the workers to use the self-administered ART kits and also identify some of them to assist in the supervision. We will be grateful if you can help us identify any of your workers that can fulfil this supervisory role. The tests will be conducted mostly in the evenings/at night so as to minimise disruption to your business.

    What happens if my worker’s ART test result is positive or invalid?
  2. If your migrant worker is tested positive or invalid for his ART result, he will be moved into the isolation room within the dorm immediately. MOM will arrange for conveyance of the worker for a confirmatory PCR test as soon as possible. If conveyance cannot be effected for the day, your worker will remain in the isolation room for the night and be conveyed the following day.
  3. After taking the PCR test, the migrant worker will be conveyed back to his dorm and isolated until the PCR test result is made available within one to two days.
  4. During this period of wait for the PCR result, no public health action is required for the close contacts of the migrant worker. However, they should continue to adhere to Safe Management Measures, e.g. wearing a mask when leaving their dorm, at all times. The appropriate actions will follow the PCR result as tabulated below:
    If PCR test result is positive If PCR test result is negative
    It confirms that your migrant worker is infected with COVID-19. MOH will contact the migrant worker on the follow-up actions via a phone call. You will also be informed by MOM. MOH will inform your migrant worker of his negative result via SMS. Your migrant worker may return to work immediately.
    What should I do as an employer?
  5. You should make adjustments to your migrant worker’s schedule accordingly if his ART test result is positive or invalid, as he will be isolated in his dorm and will not be able to work until his PCR test result is out.
  6. This pilot does not replace Rostered Routine Test (RRT) for your workers. You should continue to proceed with their regular testing as arranged.

    What should my migrant workers do?
  7. Your migrant worker must bring along his work pass card in case he is tested positive or invalid for his ART result, and has to be isolated immediately.
  8. On the day of the ART pilot, they will be able to access a self-swab guide in their native languages. Either the ACE officers or dorm operators will be on-site to supervise the entire process.
  9. You can refer to FAQs on pilot of ART in dormitories. For further queries, contact us at
  10. Thank you for supporting us in our fight against COVID-19.