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Advisory to MDW employers on tightening community measures to stabilise situation

Issued on 2 October 2021

To slow down community transmission, please inform your Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW) of the following measures:

Social gatherings

  • Maximum 2 persons
  • Maximum 1 gathering per day
  • Minimise social interactions

Dining in

  • Regular F&B establishments: Maximum 2 persons, both fully vaccinated
  • Hawker centres and coffee shops: Maximum 2 persons, regardless of vaccination status

Sports & Exercise

  • For indoor mask-off activities: Maximum 30 persons, in groups of 2 if all vaccinated
  • For indoor mask-on and outdoor: Maximum 50 persons; in groups of 2 regardless of vaccination status

Remind your MDW to see a doctor immediately if she is feeling unwell and encourage her to test herself regularly with Antigen Rapid Tests (ARTs).

It is important that everyone does their part to stop the spread of Covid-19 and keep Singapore safe. We seek your assistance to remind your MDW on the above messages, using these materials in their native languages.