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Advisory to MDW employers on Heightened Alert to minimise the spread of COVID-19

Issued on 27 July 2021

Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) from 22 Jul to 18 Aug to minimise spread of Covid-19

To further minimise the spread of Covid-19, rules on social gathering will be tightened with effect from 22 Jul 2021 to 18 Aug 2021. Inform your Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW) on the following:

  1. Minimise interaction with others
    • Encourage your MDW to stay home as much as possible on her rest day.
    • If she has to go out, keep it short.
    • If your MDW decides to stay at home for her rest day, you should not assign work to her.
    • If you and your MDW mutually agree to forgo her rest day, you must provide compensation in lieu of the rest day.
  2. Adhere to tightened measures
    • Limit the group to a maximum of 2 people when out. Maximum of 2 gatherings per day.
    • No intermingling between groups.
    • No dine-in at restaurants, food courts, and hawker centres.

Remind your MDW to wear a mask at all times when going out and see a doctor immediately if she is feeling unwell.

We have provided the information in their native languages. You can use the materials to explain to your MDW.


Encourage your MDW to go for vaccination if she has not done so. Share the information in their native languages with your MDW, and help your MDW register for vaccination at If your MDW has taken the first dose of the vaccination, remind her to complete the second dose as soon as possible.

We seek your assistance in the above matter. Let us remain vigilant and do our part to keep Singapore and our community safe.