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Advisory to employers - Updated Stay-Home Notice regime and onboarding requirements for migrant workers from the Construction, Marine shipyard and Process Sectors from 7 January 2022, 2359hrs

Issued on 4 January 2022

  1. The Ministry of Health announced that all non-Vaccinated Travel Lane (non-VTL) travellers entering Singapore will no longer undergo on-arrival tests from 7 January 2022, 2359 hrs. In line with this announcement, from 7 January 2022, 2359hrs, all non-Malaysian male work permit and S Pass holders from the Construction, Marine shipyard and Process (CMP) sectors and arriving from Categories II and III countries will serve their Stay-Home Notice (SHN) directly at the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) Onboard centre. This group of migrant workers will no longer be transported to the SHN dedicated facility (SDF) and will not be taking an on-arrival Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test at the SDF.
  2. For non-Malaysian S Pass and work permit holders from the CMP sectors and arriving from Category IV countries, they will continue to serve SHN at the SHN dedicated facility (SDF).
  3. You may refer to the updated categories of countries and regions. Please also note that the Migrant Worker Onboarding Centre (MWOC) has now been renamed to the Onboard centre.

    Updated Stay-Home Notice Regime from 7 January 2022, 2359hrs
  4. As an employer, you are required to pick up your migrant workers at the point of entry, and provide transport to send them directly to the Onboard centre for their SHN. MOM will inform you of the details before your migrant workers arrive in Singapore. You should pick up your workers within an hour of them clearing immigration upon their arrival.
  5. Non-Malaysian work permit holders holding an In-Principle Approval (IPA) will undergo an additional residential onboarding programme during their stay at the Onboard centre.
  6. The table summarises the revised SHN regime for migrant workers from Category II,III and IV countries.

    Revised SHN regime for migrant workers from Categories II, III and IV countries from 7 January 2022, 2359hrs

    For all Work Permit and S Pass holders in the CMP Sectors, arriving from
    Revised SHN Regime Category II Category III Category IV
    Stay-Home Notice (SHN) 7 days at Onboard 10 days at Onboard 10 days

    Vaccination Serology test

    Only applicable for migrant workers vaccinated overseas.

    Day 2 at Onboard Day 2 at Onboard Day 12 at Onboard
    Antigen Rapid Tests during SHN at Onboard Day 1 and 4 Day 1, 4 and 7 N.A.
    SHN exit PCR test Day 6 at Onboard Day 9 at Onboard Day 9 at SDF

    Residential onboarding programme

    Only applicable for male non-Malaysian WPHs in CMP sectors, holding an IPA.

    Female WPHs will complete the work pass issuance outside of SHN.

    Additional 2 days at Onboard Additional 2 days at Onboard Additional 4 days at Onboard
  7. Similarly, migrant workers entering Singapore via ongoing industry initiatives (e.g. programmes with upstream testing and isolation in the source country) will not be required to undergo on-arrival PCR test. The current process to transport this group of migrant workers from the point of entry to the Onboard centre remains the same.

    Revised fees
  8. The SHN fees for migrant workers from Categories II and III countries will be adjusted due to the revised SHN regime. MOM will be informing the employer of the revised SHN and residential onboarding fees at a later stage.
  9. You may refer to the entry approval letter for more details about your migrant workers’ SHN. You may also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below. For further queries, please contact us at .

Frequently asked questions

  1. What modes of transport can I use to bring my migrant workers to the Onboard centre?

    You may use your own private transportation, or make arrangements via taxis or private-hire vehicles for your migrant workers to travel to the Onboard centre. You must inform the transport operator as well as driver that your migrant worker is served with SHN.

    If there is more than one traveller, those sharing the same vehicle should have the same travel history and are heading towards the same declared place of accommodation. Refer to SafeTravel website more information.

    Your migrant workers should not use public transport (public bus, train or street-hailed taxis) to get to the Onboard centre.

  2. What essential items do my workers need when they arrive in Singapore?

    To facilitate communication and access to essential mobile applications (SGWorkPass, TraceTogether, and FWMOMCare) your workers will need a valid local SIM Card and a working smartphone that can install the essential mobile applications.

    In addition, your workers will need a thermometer. If they are going to Onboard@Punggol, they will need a copy of In Principle Approval (IPA) letter for workers who have access to Biometric Enrolment.