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Advisory to employers on supporting the well-being of your work permit holders from Myanmar

Issued on 9 February 2021

  1. As the situation in Myanmar evolves, we seek your support to show care and concern to your Burmese workers who may be in distress. You may wish to refer to the simple tips below on how best you can support your workers.
  2. Show care and concern. Your workers may be disturbed by the news in Myanmar and concerned over the welfare and safety of their loved ones. Some signs to look out for are:
    • Withdrawing to themselves
    • Dependency on alcohol
    • Absenteeism
    • Change in behaviour, especially after a phone call from home
  3. If you have not already set up the buddy system, pair up your Burmese workers and encourage them to look out for each other. Connecting those who speak the same language and share the same cultures will provide familiarity and comfort.
  4. If your workers need to speak to someone, please refer them to the listed multi-language helplines available:

    HealthServe +65 3138 4460
    Migrant Workers’ Centre (24 hrs daily) +65 6536 2692
    Mon-Fri (Whatsapp)
  5. Thank you for doing your part in caring for our migrant workers.