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Advisory to employers - Reminder to adhere to your COVID-19 vaccination appointment

Issued on 27 January 2022

  1. From 1 February 2022, unvaccinated or partially vaccinated workers will not be allowed at the workplaces, even if they have a negative PET result.
  2. If your workers have not completed the primary series1 of their COVID-19 vaccination, you should make the necessary arrangements2 for your workers to take their vaccination to minimise work disruptions. Please take note of the following points regarding the scheduling of migrant workers for vaccination:
    1. If your workers have not completed the COVID-19 vaccination primary series, you should contact the Medical Centres for Migrant Workers (MCMWs) or General Practitioner (GP) clinics to book vaccination appointments for your workers. If possible, vaccination should be arranged at MCMWs. No walk-ins are allowed at the MCMWs and GP clinics. The vaccination is free of charge for your workers.
    2. You should arrange transport for your workers to and from the MCMW or clinic, and ensure that your workers turn up strictly according to their given appointment times. Workers who arrive based on their appointments will be prioritised for the vaccination. Those who turn up at a different time or without scheduled appointments may not be able to receive their vaccination.
  3. As a precaution, your workers should avoid strenuous physical activity for two weeks after receiving the vaccine. Please provide your workers with sufficient rest after the vaccination, by modifying their work schedules or moderating the intensity of work.
  4. If your workers experience any side effects after the vaccination, please arrange for them to report sick at the MCMW. Alternatively, they can also seek medical help via the 'Telemedicine' feature on FWMOMCare. In the event of emergencies or if they develop chest pains, shortness of breath or abnormal heartbeats, please call 995.
  5. Audits and inspections will be conducted to ensure that unvaccinated or partially vaccinated workers do not enter the workplaces. Any failure to comply with the workplace vaccination measures is an offence and enforcement action can be taken against you and your worker(s).
  6. You may refer to MOM's website here for a full list of FAQs. For further queries, please contact us at .


  1. For example, two doses of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine (e.g. Pfizer-Comirnaty/Moderna) or three doses of inactivated COVID-19 vaccines (e.g. Sinovac).
  2. MOM will schedule workers eligible for a booster shot after their primary series.