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Advisory to employers - Relaxation of mask-wearing measures from 29 August 2022

Issued on 29 August 2022

  1. The Multi-Ministry Task Force (MTF) announced that the requirements for mask-wearing in indoor settings will be removed from 29 August 2022, except for settings where essential services are carried out in enclosed and crowded areas and which are frequently used by vulnerable persons. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will apply similar considerations for the migrant worker settings, with effect from 29 August 2022.

  2. You may refer to the MTF press release for the list of settings where mask-wearing will continue to be required in the community. In addition, migrant workers will be required to put on their masks in the following settings:
    • Healthcare facilities:
      • Any medical clinic or healthcare institutions such as hospitals, medical centres for migrant workers (MCMWs) and on-site medical centres
      • Dormitory sick bays or isolation facilities
      • Recovery facilities
    • MOM’s Onboard centres, including the vaccination centre
    • Conveyance to and from healthcare facilities and Onboard centres
  3. Mask-wearing remains an effective way to minimise the risk of disease transmission. We seek your assistance to remind your workers to continue to exercise responsibility and caution, such as wearing masks in crowded places or when they are feeling unwell.
  4. For further queries, please contact us at .

Frequently asked questions

  1. Do migrant workers need to wear a mask when taking company transport such as company lorries and buses?

    As company transportation is considered as private transport, mask-wearing will be optional unless the migrant worker is unwell and is being conveyed to healthcare facilities.

  2. Why is mask-wearing mandatory in healthcare settings and Onboard centres?

    Mask-wearing will still be required in these places to reduce the risks of disease transmission in Onboard centres and in healthcare settings where persons are unwell.