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Advisory to employers on the setting up of medical facilities and implementing measures to ensure a safe living environment

  1. There has been a significant increase in the numbers of COVID-19 cases involving work pass holders living in dormitories.

    In view of the elevated set of safe distancing measures, employers must exercise utmost responsibility to cooperate with the forward assurance support (FAST) teams who are assisting the dormitory operator in managing the situation in the dormitories. These arrangements are meant to ensure the safety and well-being of your workers.

    Setting up of medical post / isolation room within dormitory premises
  2. With immediate effect, employers are required to comply with the instructions of the FAST teams and dormitory operators, in the setting up of dedicated medical posts / isolation facilities, including Community Isolation Facilities (CIFs), within the dormitory premises to minimise movement and contamination. This includes vacating room units that may be contracted and the necessary relocation of workers employed by different employers into the same room units.
  3. For rooms vacated for medical purposes, employers should cooperate with operators to make the following arrangements to safekeep the resident’s belongings:
    1. Collect the belongings of workers from the dormitory operator for safekeeping within a reasonable time frame; otherwise
    2. Operator will pack up the belongings of the workers, clearly marked by original room and employer, for safekeeping on dormitory premises.

    Ensure workers’ access to medical care
  4. Employers should remind their workers that they should report sick at the dormitories they reside in. If the employee reports sick at work, the employer should inform the operator immediately, so that they can prepare for the worker to be isolated upon returning to the dormitory.
  5. Employers are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the workers, including the provision and costs of all medical treatment. Employers should also cooperate with the FAST teams managing the dorms on the following:
    1. Employers who wish to deliver medicine to their employees residing in dormitories may do so through the dormitory operator;
    2. Employers should accompany the worker to seek medical treatment if contacted by the dormitory operator.

    Ensure controlled access to shared facilities in dormitory premises
  6. With immediate effect, employers should cooperate with the dormitory operator and the FAST team managing the dormitory by informing your employees the following:
    1. At any point in time, residents can access shared facilities, including gas and kitchen facilities if permitted by the FAST team. Any access to shared facilities should be controlled to minimise physical interaction between individuals staying in different rooms;
    2. Access to electricity, gas, water and supplies within the dormitories, according to the instructions of the FAST team.
  7. MOM will take note of any employer who behave unreasonably.
  8. We seek your immediate cooperation on these measures to ensure a safe living environment for your workers in the fight against COVID-19. All clarifications from employers on contractual arrangements with operators should be directed to