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Advisory to employers - Implementation of new Rostered Routine Testing (RRT) regime

Issued on 10 October 2021

  1. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) will implement Fast and Easy Tests (FETs) regime using the Antigen Rapid Test (ART) from 15 Oct 2021:
    • Vaccinated workers who are currently on the 14-Day Rostered Routine Testing (RRT) regime will undergo supervised ART once a week, in lieu of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests. Unvaccinated workers will be tested twice a week using ART swabs.
    • Workers can conduct these supervised ART swabs in their dormitories, place of residence, or place of work.
  2. The new FET-RRT regime will apply to:
    • All personnel working in the Construction, Marine shipyard and Process (CMP) sectors who are currently undergoing 14 Day PCR-RRT;
    • All workers from Manufacturing and Services sectors residing in dormitories;
    • Frontline workers working in dormitories and recreation centres;
    • Recovered workers who have passed 270 days from their date of symptoms onset or detection of infection; or
    • All newly arrived recovered workers.

    Transition to FET-RRT Policy
  3. The transition from the PCR-RRT to FET-RRT regimes will enable quick and effective detection of COVID-19 infections and provide greater convenience for employers and workers. The updated testing regimes for vaccinated and unvaccinated workers are summarised in Table 1 below.

    Table 1: Testing regimes for workers

    Worker groups Current
    From 15 Oct 2021
    Vaccinated workers

    14-day cycle of:

    • Supervised ART on Day 7; and
    • PCR test on Day 14
    Supervised ART every 7 days
    Unvaccinated workers

    14-day cycle of:

    • Supervised ART on Days 3, 7 and 11; and
    • PCR test on Day 14
    Supervised ART every 3 days
    Workers in Maritime, Marine & Aviation sectors in higher risk workplace settings

    7-day cycle of:

    • Supervised ART on Days 3
    • PCR test on Day 7

    No change for workers who are on this cycle.

    Please continue with your scheduled appointments.

    More updates for the Maritime and Marine sector will be provided by the sector leads later.
  4. Your workers will be able to view their FET-RRT schedule on the FWMOMCare mobile application and must follow the schedule when taking their ART. Your workers’ FET-RRT compliance will be based on the ART results uploaded in:
    • Swab Registration System (SRS) V2 for Singaporean Citizens and Permanent Residents (SCPR); and
    • FWMOMCare for work pass holders.

    They may refer to the guides1 provided on how to upload their ART results respectively.

    System changes to user applications for Work Pass holders
  5. As part of the transition, we will be making system changes to the respective online platforms and will be sending out customised notifications to the workers. We seek your patience and support to explain these transitional changes to your workers. The changes are tabulated in following table.

    Table 2: Notifications on MOM user applications for Work Pass holders

    Worker groups Notification messages on:
    • FWMOMCare,
    • SGWorkpass,
    • Safe@Work, and
    • Safe@Dorm.
    Vaccinated workers

    These applications will display a “You are placed on 99-day RRT” with a next PCR swab date at 99 days from your worker’s last test. You may ignore this schedule.

    Please refer to your worker’s ART schedules under FET-RRT on FWMOMCare instead.

    Unvaccinated workers
    Workers in Maritime, Marine & Aviation sectors with higher risk workplace settings

    You will continue to be able to view the PCR schedule of your workers on FWMOMCare, SGWorkpass, Safe@Work and Safe@Dorm.

    Please refer to your worker’s ART schedules on FWMOMCare.

  6. You will also receive an email from the Health Promotion Board (HPB) to inform you that your workers transiting to FET RRT will be removed from the SRS as they no longer need to be scheduled for PCR-RRT.

    Collection of ART kits

  7. ART kits for FET-RRT will be fully subsidised by the Government until further notice. Your workers may collect the ART kits from 15 Oct 2021. The number of kits provided will be sufficient to last until the end of 2021.
    • For workers residing in dormitories, including those in both the CMP and non-CMP sectors, they can collect their ART kits from their dormitory operators.
    • For workers in the CMP sectors who are residing in the community and workers that are on the self-swab model, you should refer to the emails sent by your respective sector leads for the necessary arrangements to collect the ART kits.

    Table 3: Collection of ART kits

    Worker groups Number of ART kits to be collected per worker till the end of year Pointers to note
    All workers residing in dormitories, including those in both CMP and non-CMP sectors 25 Government-subsidised Abbot-Panbio ART kits (packed in a box)

    Workers residing within dormitories can collect their kits from their dormitory operators

    • For those with current existing in-dormitory RRT facilities, the appointed distributor will provide the ART kits (refer to Annex A for list of in-dormitory RRT facilities).
    • Workers who missed collection during the October period will need to collect the ART kits at the 3 Recreation Centres (RC) listed in Annex A. Workers who collect the ART kits in November or December will receive only the number of kits required for the remaining period.
    Workers in CMP sectors residing in community (e.g. private residential premises) For CMP firms, refer to emails sent by sector leads to the respective firms.

    For Construction firms:

    • Please refer to the email sent by BCA for the ART kit orders and collection details.
    • Those with 5 or more non-dorm employees which have yet to place ART kit orders for their workers and firms on self-swab-model, please indicate your delivery address at

    For Marine shipyard and Process firms:

    Workers from companies that are utilising the self-swab model, and reside in dormitories 25 Government-subsidised Abbot-Panbio ART kits (packed in a box)
  8. Employers are required to adhere to the latest Vaccination or Regular Test (VoRT) and FET-RRT regimes. For more information, please access our employers guide to FET-RRT. For further queries, you may contact your respective sector leads at the contacts below:
  9. Thank you for your support and working with us in our fight against COVID-19.


  1. Guide for SCPRs:
    Guide for work pass holders:

Annex A - Dormitories with self-collection

List of dormitory names with In-dorm collection sites Address
Acacia Lodge 540 BUKIT BATOK ST 23 S659553
Aspri-Westlite Papan Dormitory 5 JALAN PAPAN S619396
Avery Lodge 2D JALAN PAPAN S619415
Blue Stars Dormitory 3 KIAN TECK LANE S627844
Cassia @ Penjuru 11 PENJURU WALK S608541
CDPL (Tuas) Dormitory 6 TUAS SOUTH ST 15 S636906
Changi Lodge 2 80 TANAH MERAH COAST RD S498736
Cochrane Lodge 1 51 ADMIRALTY ROAD WEST S757443
Cochrane Lodge 2 51 ADMIRALTY ROAD WEST S757443
Homestay Lodge 39 KAKI BUKIT AVE 3 S415920
Jurong Penjuru 1 Dormitory 58 PENJURU PLACE S608562
Jurong Penjuru 2 Dormitory 36 PENJURU PLACE S608560
Kian Teck Dormitory 26 KIAN TECK AVE S628920
Kian Teck Hostel 30 KIAN TECK AVE S628921
Kranji Lodge 1 12 KRANJI ROAD S739522
North Coast Lodge 51 NORTH COAST AVE S756992
PPT Lodge 1A Dormitory 8 SELETAR NORTH LINK S797455
PPT Lodge 1B Dormitory 2 SELETAR NORTH LINK S797601
SCM Tuas Lodge 80 TUAS SOUTH BLVD S637051
Sungei Tengah Lodge 500 OLD CHOA CHU KANG RD S698924
Tampines Dormitory 2 TAMPINES PLACE S528821
The Leo 25 KAKI BUKIT ROAD 3 S415815
Toh Guan Dormitory 19A TOH GUAN ROAD EAST S608567
Tuas South Dormitory 1 TUAS SOUTH ST 12 S636946
Tuas View Dormitory 70 TUAS SOUTH AVE 1 S637285
Westlite Juniper Dormitory 23 MANDAI ESTATE S729937
Westlite Mandai Dormitory 34 MANDAI ESTATE S729940
Westlite Toh Guan Dormitory 18 TOH GUAN RD EAST S608591
Westlite Woodlands Dormitory 2 WOODLANDS SECTOR 2 S737723
Woodlands Dormitory 27 WOODLANDS SECTOR 1 S738252
Recreation centres for collection or exchange Address
Cochrane Recreation Centre 100 SEMBAWANG DRIVE S756998
Penjuru Recreation Centre 27 PENJURU WALK, S608538
Terusan Recreation Centre 1 JLN PAPAN S619392