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Advisory to employers - Changes to migrant worker stay-home notice (SHN) and onboarding requirements

Issued on 24 June 2021

  1. From 23 June 2359 hrs, all travellers from higher-risk countries or regions will be subjected to a 14-day stay-home notice (SHN) at a SHN dedicated facility (SDF), instead of 21-days.

    However, an additional 7-day stay at the Migrant Worker Onboarding Centre or a dedicated facility will still apply to all newly arrived Work Permit and S Pass holders who are:

    • Entering from higher-risk countries or regions, AND
      • Staying in dormitories
      • Working in the construction, marine shipyard and process (CMP) sectors.
    This precautionary measure will further minimise any small risk of imported COVID-19 positive cases transmitting the virus into the dormitories or at the worksites.

    Onboarding programme at Migrant Worker Onboarding Centre (MWOC)
  2. New non-Malaysian Work Permit holders in the CMP sectors arriving on in-principle approval (IPA) will be required to complete a residential onboarding programme during the 7-day stay at MWOC. The 7-day stay will include additional swab tests for enhanced surveillance. For migrant workers who are required to complete the residential onboarding programme, they will also undergo mandatory medical examination and participation in the Settling-in Programme (SIP). Find out more on MWOC and the residential onboarding programme.

    Transition measures
  3. For migrant workers who had completed 14 days or more of SHN at the SDF by 23 Jun 2021, 2359 hrs, they will be transported from the SDF to MWOC or a dedicated facility to serve their remaining 7-day quarantine. We will email you on your migrant workers’ movement and other details.

    Revised Payment for new process
  4. There will be adjustments to the charges due to the change to the 21-day SHN arrangement. We will inform you of the revised cost at a later stage.
  5. You may also refer to the entry approval letter sent by MOM for more details about your migrant workers' SHN.
  6. A summary of the revised measures are as follows:

      New non-Malaysian migrant workers from CMP sectors arriving on IPA CMP migrant workers not arriving on IPA Non-CMP migrant workers who will stay in dormitories
    14-day SHN at SDF
    Additional 7-day stay at MWOC or dedicated facility
    Onboarding programme at the MWOC
    (Done during the Additional 7-day stay at MWOC)
    x x
  7. Thank you for supporting us in our fight against COVID-19.


  1. The medical examination includes detailed record taking of medical history as well as screening for chronic diseases for older workers or those with health risk factors. This will enable early identification of health risks and aid effective downstream patient care.
  2. The residential SIP is an expansion of today’s SIP, which is conducted by the Migrant Workers’ Centre. Apart from learning about their employment rights and Singapore’s social norms, it also serves to inculcate appropriate health-seeking behavior, good hygiene habits, and good dormitory living and worksite practices.