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Advisory to employers - AccessCode changes from 17 March 2022

Issued on 12 March 2022

  1. From 17 March 2022, the AccessCode status for the following groups of workers will be turned “red” and they will not be allowed to go to work. The AccessCode changes are in line with the COVID-19 recovery protocol for dormitory migrant workers and the Workforce Vaccination Measures where non-fully vaccinated workers are not allowed to be at the workplaces.

    Worker groups What should your workers do?
    Workers who test1 positive using the Antigen Rapid Test (ART) or Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test

    Your workers will not be allowed to leave the dormitories or go to work. They should be isolated.

    Their AccessCode status will only turn “green” after they complete the COVID-19 recovery protocol2.

    Workers who are not living in dormitories will follow the community measures.

    All unvaccinated or partially vaccinated workers. This includes workers who have recovered from COVID-19 beyond 180 days from their date of infection, but have not completed their vaccination requirements.

    Your workers will not be allowed to go to work, until they have completed their full vaccination regime and taken their booster shot when scheduled in order to maintain their fully vaccinated status.

    For workers residing in dormitories, they may leave the dormitories for essential activities or to visit the Recreation Centres (RCs).

    Find out more information on application for essential errands.

    Workers can also continue visiting RCs safely. Find out more information on the requirements and application for RC visits.

  2. Workers in the above-mentioned groups or with AccessCode status “red” are not allowed to enter workplaces. Audits and inspections will be conducted, and actions will be taken against the employer and workers if they are found breaching the above.
  3. Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated recovered workers who are still within 180 days from their date of infection, as well as those who are medically ineligible, will have their AccessCode status remain “green” and can continue to enter workplaces.

    What should I do as an employer?
  4. Please share the information available with your workers, to familiarise them on the AccessCode changes that will take place from 17 March 2022.
  5. As an employer, please ensure that your workers complete their full vaccination regime and required booster dose as soon as possible. You may refer to the table in Annex A for details on how to arrange for your workers’ vaccination appointments.
  6. You should arrange for transport for your workers to and from the RMC, GP clinic, or vaccination centre. Do ensure that your workers turn up strictly according to their given appointment times. Workers who arrive on time will be prioritised for the vaccination. Those who turn up at a different time may run the risk of having their vaccination appointment cancelled or rescheduled. You may refer to MOM’s website for a full list of FAQs.
  7. You should not allow your workers to go to work if they are not fully vaccinated. In the meantime, please remind your workers to monitor their health and report sick if they feel unwell.
  8. For further queries, please contact us at .


  1. Workers with no symptoms and who have recently recovered should not self-test within 90 days from recovery. However, if they have no symptoms and inadvertently test positive within 28 days of their recent infection episode, there is no need to be isolated and they can continue with their daily life, including work. They should see a doctor if they feel unwell.
  2. This applies to all workers, regardless of vaccination status.

Annex A

Vaccination status of workers How to schedule your worker for their vaccination
For workers who have not completed their primary vaccination series. This includes COVID-recovered workers who have not completed their vaccination requirements.
  • Contact the Regional Medical Centres (RMCs) or General Practitioner (GP) clinics listed here, to book vaccination appointments for your workers.
  • Do note that walk-ins are not allowed at the RMCs and GP clinics.
For workers who are eligible for their booster dose
  • MOH and MOM will schedule workers eligible for a booster shot after their primary series.
  • If you have been given an appointment, please ensure that your workers keep to their appointment at the given date and time.

Frequently asked questions

  1. If my workers have completed their COVID-19 recovery protocol, when will their AccessCode turn “green”?

    Similar to the community, your workers will have to undergo self-administered ART 72 hours from their date of COVD-19 infection. Their AccessCode will turn “green” once they test negative on ART. If they test positive on ART, their AccessCode status will only turn “green” on their time-bound discharge date, either 7 or 14 days based on their vaccination status.

  2. Can my worker still visit the Recreation Centres if they are unvaccinated?

    If your worker is unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, he can visit the RC only after filling up a form given by the dormitory operators.

    The dormitory operator should then submit the form to MOM’s Forward Assurance and Support Team (FAST) for approval at least 1 day before the visit date.

    Upon approval, your worker must test ART negative on the day of RC visit and upload their result onto FWMOMCare before he can leave the dormitory. Your worker will need to bring the signed application form to enter the RC.