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Advisory to dormitory operators - Updates to COVID-19 recovery protocol for migrant workers in dormitories from 27 January 2022

Issued on 24 January 2022
Updated on 1 April 2022

  1. Since 27 January 2022, the COVID-19 recovery protocol for dormitory migrant workers has been revised to align with Ministry of Health's latest healthcare protocols for the community. Protocol 21 is the default mode of recovery.

    Dormitory migrant workers will be required to undergo recovery for at least 72 hours, and they may exit recovery and resume normal activities upon a negative self-administered Antigen Rapid Test (ART) after 72 hours. The maximum COVID-19 recovery period for fully vaccinated individuals infected with COVID-19 is also be shortened from 10 days to 7 days.

  2. Summary of the revised COVID-19 recovery protocol for migrant workers in dormitories:

    For dormitory residents that are If they are tested positive on PCR test or ART
    Fully vaccinated with mild or no symptoms

    Your residents will:

    1. Recover from COVID-19 infection at a Centralised Recovery Facility (CRF).
    2. Undergo self-administered ART on Day 4 and 5.
    3. Discharge from CRF:
      • If they test ART-negative on Day 4 or Day 5; or
      • On Day 7.
    • Unvaccinated2 or partially vaccinated


    • Did not fulfil criteria for entry into recovery facilities. Declared to have significant medical conditions (e.g. active cancer, immunosuppresion), taking diabetic medications, obese (>100kg) or with significant symptoms (e.g. chest pain, shortness of breath, prolonged fever).

    Your residents will:

    1. Recover from COVID-19 infection at community isolation facility, community treatment facility, or public healthcare institution.
    2. Undergo self-administered ART from Day 4 onwards.
    3. Discharge from community isolation facility, community treatment facility, or public healthcare institution:
      • If they test ART-negative after Day 3; or
      • On Day 7 for vaccinated workers or Day 14 for unvaccinated workers.
    Change in COVID-19 recovered status and close contacts' protocol
  3. Migrant workers with mild symptoms who are tested ART or PCR positive by a healthcare provider, will be considered a recovered worker.
  4. Please note that close contacts of individuals with a COVID-19 positive result from a healthcare-administered ART or PCR will not be issued with a Health Risk Notice (HRN) from 26 April 2022. If your workers think that they have been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive case, they should monitor their health over the next few days.
    • If they are feeling unwell, such as having a fever, cough, sore throat, please visit a doctor. The doctor will assess and advise them on their next steps.
    • If they are well, but are still worried, they can take an ART.

    What should I do as a dormitory operator?
  5. You should remind your workers to monitor their health and seek medical help at the medical centre or designated clinics in the sector where your worker stays, or has a Primary Care Plan with, if they feel unwell.
  6. They may also use the "Telemedicine" feature on FWMOMCare to get medical attention.
  7. You may also refer to the updated information sheet for dormitory operators for more details on how to manage workers who are recovering at the CRF.
  8. Please also refer your residents in the CRF to the updated materials:
  9. For further queries, please contact us at .


  1. Health Protocol 2: For those who are well and tested positive or condition assessed mild by doctor, they should self-isolate at home for the next 72 hours. After 72 hours, they can re-test and if negative, they may exit isolation and resume normal activities. If their symptoms worsen (e.g. prolonged fever, worsening cough, breathing difficulties etc.) or do not improve, they should see a doctor or call 995 in emergency situations.
  2. From 4 April 2022, unvaccinated ART-positive workers should proceed to the Medical Centre for a healthcare-administered ART test for admission to Tuas South Community Isolation Facility.