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Advisory to dormitory operators - Resumption of visits to Recreation Centres from 25 June 2021

Issued on 23 June 2021

Resumption of Visits to Recreation Centres from 25 June 2021

  1. Visits to the Recreation Centres (RCs) were earlier suspended under Phase 2 (Heightened Alert). From 25 June 2021, dormitory residents will be allowed to visit the RCs when they have taken a supervised self-swab Antigen Rapid Test (ART) at the RC. From 1 July 2021, workers will also be able to visit the RCs within 2 days of their Rostered Routine Test (RRT). Workers can apply for one of these exit passes to visit their assigned RCs once every week.

    Antigen Rapid Tests at RCs
  2. From 25 June, dormitory residents may apply for an exit pass on their assigned rest day as per current practice. However, they will have to undergo a supervised self-swab ART at the RC upon arrival and will only be allowed entry upon receiving a negative result. Dormitory residents will be guided during the self-swab process at the RCs. The whole process, including awaiting results, will take no more than 30 minutes. The self-swab ART at the RCs is administered free of charge to the workers.
  3. If any of your dormitory residents is tested ART positive, we will convey the resident back to his dormitory to be isolated. MOM will arrange for the resident to undergo a confirmatory PCR test on the same or following day. Until the PCR result is made available, your resident must be isolated from the rest of the dorm residents. However, no public health action (e.g. quarantine) is needed for the close contacts of the dormitory resident. The government will be absorbing the cost of the conveyance and PCR confirmatory test.

    RRT results for RC visit
  4. Alternatively, from 1 July, dormitory residents will also be allowed to visit their designated RC within 2 days of their RRT if a negative PCR result is confirmed. Migrants workers will similarly have to apply for an exit pass for visits to the RC but will not be required to undergo the ART at the RC.

    Safe Management Measures
  5. We seek your support to remind your dormitory residents to continue to adhere to Safe Management Measures (SMM), including proper wearing of masks and carrying their TraceTogether tokens when they visit the RC. For workers who have yet to collect, misplaced or wish to replace non-functioning tokens, see Annex A for the collection process. Please ensure that your dormitory residents only visit the RC and return to the dormitory immediately after their visit. For non-compliance, MOM will take necessary actions that may include revoking their work permits.
  6. For further queries, please contact us at
  7. Thank you for supporting us in our fight against COVID-19.
The bulletin is available for download in the following languages:


Collection of TraceTogether Token

For work pass holders who stay in Purpose Built Dormitories (PBDs), they can contact their dormitory operators directly, and the dormitory operators will contact FAST Team to collect their tokens. For those staying in FCDs, CTQs, TOLs or PRPs, they can collect their TraceTogether tokens at the Recreation Centre below:

Recreation centres

Terusan Recreation Centre
1 Jalan Papan
Singapore 619392

Cochrane Recreation Centre
100 Sembawang Drive
Singapore 756998

Operating hours 8am to 4pm
Saturdays and Sundays, excluding public holidays

Your work pass holders need to bring and show their original BluePass Token to be issued a new TraceTogether token. If they have lost their original BluePass Token, they need to inform the MOM officers during collection. They will still be able to collect the TraceTogether Token. This collection is also for replacement of damaged TT Tokens, lost TT tokens, and TT tokens that has run out of battery power.

As of 1 June 2021, those who lose their TT tokens more than once will be required to pay $9 replacement fee.