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Advisory to dormitory operators on the setting up of medical facilities and implementing measures to ensure a safe living environment

  1. There has been a significant increase in the numbers of COVID-19 cases involving work pass holders living in dormitories. The Ministry of Manpower requires your cooperation to implement further measures to minimise the spread of COVID-19 and ensure a safe living environment for residents in your dormitory.

    Setting up of medical posts / isolation rooms within dormitory premises
  2. With immediate effect, operators are required to comply with the instructions of the forward assurance support (FAST) team, in the setting up of dedicated medical posts/isolation facilities, including Community Isolation Facilities (CIFs), within the dormitory premises. This is to minimise movement and contamination within the dormitory.
  3. Operators of dormitories with CIFs located within the premises are required to comply with the CIF infection prevention and control requirements. The operator and staff of the dormitory should manage the CIF facility and the persons isolated within as the CIF operator.
  4. For rooms that need to be vacated for medical purposes, operators must make the following arrangements to safekeep the affected resident’s belongings:
    1. Contact the resident’s employer to collect the belongings of the worker for safekeeping by the employer; or
    2. Pack up the belongings of the workers and store in a safe space. The operator is responsible for ensuring that the belongings are clearly labelled and demarcated by rooms.
  5. MOM will inform employers to cooperate with dormitory operators if needed, to facilitate the release of units of occupancy for medical purposes.

    Ensure electrical safety practices in dormitory premises
  6. On 13 April 2020, a fire was reported at one of the rooms in a dormitory. The fire was caused by the overloading of electrical items.
  7. Operators are required to clearly communicate the following electrical safety practices to residents to prevent electrical fires:
    1. Never overload electrical outlets with electrical appliances;
    2. Always switch off appliances when they are not in use or before leaving the room;
    3. Check the condition of the wires regularly. Frayed wires or cracked cords should be replaced or repaired immediately; and
    4. Use electrical plugs which carry the SAFETY mark.

    Ensure controlled access to shared facilities in dormitory premises
  8. With immediate effect, operators are also required to comply with the instructions of the FAST team, to ensure the following:
    1. At any point in time, residents can only access shared facilities, including gas and kitchen facilities, if permitted by the FAST team. Any access to shared facilities should be controlled to minimise physical interaction between individuals staying in different rooms; and
    2. Operators should make changes to the supply of electricity, gas, water and supplies within the dormitories according to the instructions of the FAST team.
  9. We seek your cooperation to implement these measures to ensure a safe living environment for your residents in the fight against COVID-19. If you need any clarifications, please contact us at