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Advisory to dormitory operators - Managing Omicron variant cases in dormitories

Issued on 31 December 2021
Updated on 16 February 2022

  1. Ministry of Health has announced that Omicron cases will follow the same healthcare protocols as other COVID-19 cases. Similarly, migrant workers in the dormitories who are infected with the Omicron variant and their close contacts will follow existing healthcare protocols for other COVID-19 cases:
    • Fully vaccinated workers who tested positive for COVID-19 will recover at a centralised recovery facility (CRF) for up to 7 days.
    • Unvaccinated workers who tested positive for COVID-19 will recover at a community isolation facility (CIF) or hospital depending on their condition.

    What to do as a dormitory operator
  2. Please ensure that you and your dormitory management team are ready to manage any surge or high number of COVID-19 cases. You should:
    • Ensure the accuracy of the nominal roll for the proper management of migrant workers in your dormitory. You should track the mismatches in the Safe@Dorm QR code scans and rectify any errors in the nominal roll promptly.
    • Ensure that you have enough manpower and resources to manage a potential surge in COVID-19 cases.
    • Familiarise yourself and your dormitory management team with the operational processes if the residents are found to be COVID-19 positive.
    • Ensure proper conveyancing of workers to CRFs.
    • Conduct a table-top exercise with your dormitory management team to walk through the dormitory response, particularly in the event of a rapid increase in the number of your dormitory residents infected with COVID-19.
  3. You should also remind your dormitory residents on the importance of adhering to safe management measures and maintaining good personal hygiene. They should report sick if they are feeling unwell.
  4. We have prepared simple guidelines for you to share with your dormitory residents.
  5. For further queries, please contact us at .