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Advisory to dormitory operators - Management of dormitory recovery facility

Issued on 2 November 2021

  1. With a highly vaccinated dormitory population, we are aligning with the national move towards living with COVID-19. Similar to the community, migrant workers (MWs) who are fully vaccinated can recover within the dormitory environment. In line with the new dormitory standards announced on 17 September 2020, we require operators to put in place dormitory recovery facility (DRF) by setting aside at least 10 isolation beds per 1,000 bed spaces as isolation facility, with an additional 15 isolation beds per 1,000 bed spaces to be stood up during pandemic
  2. As part of the dormitory’s obligations under Foreign Employee Dormitory Act and COVID (Temporary Measures) Act1, dormitory operators are also required to ensure the proper operation of the DRF. These include:
    1. Administration of the DRF. Ensure proper check-in and check-out of the MWs, maintain updated nominal rolls of the occupants and provide proper living conditions with adequate amenities (e.g. hot water supply) to aid recovery.
    2. Management of MWs in the DRF. Ensure there is no unauthorised exit from or entry into the facility, implement proper Safe Distancing Measures and take care of the workers well-being including appointing Recovery Buddies to help keep a look out for their fellow roommates and providing a conducive environment for recovery.
    3. Health checks on MWs in the DRF. Remind MWs to take their vitals 3 times a day, conduct Day 4 and Day 7 ART for all ART-positive (Ag+) MWs, ensure MWs upload the ART results in FWMOMCare, maintain records of the ART results, facilitate the MWs requests for medical consultation and ensure the serviceability of the health check devices such as oximeters and thermometers.
    4. Logistics support for the MWs in the DRF. Ensure MWs in DRF are provided with 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) based on dietary requirements of the MWs. The recovery facilities should also have electricity, water, Wi-Fi access for MWs to update their ART results in FWMOMCare, lockers, beds with the necessary pillows, blankets and mattresses and ensure the distribution of care-packs for the MWs when issued by MOM through Dormitory Association Singapore Limited (DASL).
    5. General cleaning. Ensure proper daily cleaning of the common areas and toilets, disinfecting of rooms after use and regular clearing of trash from the recovery facilities.
  3. MOM and DASL have negotiated a contract to support Dormitory Operators in running the DRF. This support will include:
    1. A management fee for the running of the DRF
    2. Reimbursement for food provisions for the DRF
    3. Room rentals should the dorm be willing to increase the DRF capacity to beyond the required amount.

    For avoidance of doubt, dormitories are still expected to fulfil their responsibilities outlined under paragraph 2 even if they do not tap on the support. Dormitories who are keen to tap on the support should contact DASL for more details.

  4. Dormitory Operators should also inform their employers clearly on their obligations under FEDA/CMTA and the support provided by MOM should they be considering increasing rentals during this period.
  5. For further queries, please contact DASL via Alternatively, you can also approach the Forward Assurance and Support Team (FAST) at your dormitories or contact us at
  6. Thank you for supporting us in our fight against COVID-19.


  1. Please refer to the following outlining the relevant dormitory operator responsibilities:
    1. Part 2 of the Foreign Employee Dormitories Act 2015
    2. Divisions 1 and 4 of the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act