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Advisory to dormitory operators and employers - Updated materials on updated healthcare protocol and recovering safely at the Dorm Recovery Facility and Centralised Recovery Facility

Issued on 25 October 2021

  1. With the recent updates on the healthcare protocols for migrant workers living in the dormitories, we understand some workers may not be familiar with the new regime. Some do not understand why they are arranged to stay in a dormitory with recovery facility after they have tested COVID-19 positive.
  2. We seek your assistance to disseminate the following materials to your workers, to keep them informed of the new healthcare protocol and feel assured during their recovery process:
    • Recover Safely at a Dorm Recovery Facility (DRF) or Centralised Recovery Facility (CRF)

      Dr Halina Talib, Deputy Director (Medical Policy) of Ministry of Manpower shares some health tips to support your workers’ recovery process at the recovery facilities.

      This video is subtitled in English, with Bengali and Tamil.

    • Updated booklets and information sheets for workers

      Here are some information your workers should know while recovering in the recovery facilities.

  3. We would like to seek your assistance to share the videos, booklets and information sheets with your workers who are recovering at the DRF or CRF. who are recovering at the DRF or CRF.
  4. Thank you for supporting us in our fight against COVID-19.