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Advisory on Vaccinate or Regular Testing regime for frontline workers

Issued on 15 September 2021

  1. The Government policy on Vaccinate or Regular Testing (VoRT) Regime1 will be implemented from 1 October 2021. For the VoRT regime, selected frontline workers (FLWs) will have to administer Antigen Rapid Tests (ART) in between their Rostered Routine Testing (RRT). VoRT will enable us to detect possible infections early and keep our community safe. The FLWs include employees working in the dormitories2, recreation centres, and the Migrant Worker Onboarding Centres (MWOC).

  2. Table 1 below summarises the ART and RRT testing requirements for vaccinated and unvaccinated FLWs.

    Table 1: VoRT regimes for FLWs every 14-Day cycle
    Non-healthcare FLWs vaccination status Baseline tests Additional tests Total tests
    (from 1 Oct 2021)

    1 Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) RRT

    1 ART (on Day 7)

    Note: The cost of RRT and ART will be subsidised by Government

    Nil 2 tests (i.e. 1 PCR RRT and 1 ART)
    Unvaccinated Same as above

    2 ART tests

    Note: The cost of ART will be borne by workers and employers

    4 tests (i.e. 1 PCR and 3 ARTs on Day 3, Day 7 and Day 11)
    Charging policy for unvaccinated individuals
  3. The Government will continue to subsidise the cost of baseline tests, i.e. one PCR RRT and one ART, for vaccinated individuals until 31 December 2021. For unvaccinated individuals, the Government will similarly cover the cost of baseline tests but the cost of the two additional ART tests3 for unvaccinated individuals will be borne by FLWs or their employers4.

    Declaration of medical ineligibility and vaccination status
  4. For unvaccinated individuals due to medical reasons (i.e. medically ineligible for Covid-19 vaccines), the Government will continue to subsidise the costs for baseline tests and additional tests until 31 December 2021. However, employers are required to declare these medical ineligible individuals by 26 September 2021 to confirm their eligibility for the subsidised ART.

    Training of swab supervisors to conduct ART
  5. Employers are advised to appoint trained swab supervisors to ensure that workers conduct their ARTs properly. Employers are required to send their nominated personnel(s) to attend the Supervisory Training in Art Self-Swab (ESSS) before 1 October 2021. This training is currently subsidised by the Ministry of Health (MOH) until 31 December 2021.5

    Actions required by employers
  6. We have summarised the following actions to be taken by employers:
    1. Inform your FLWs who are not vaccinated due to medical reasons to obtain a doctor’s memo and submit a declaration by 26 September 2021.
    2. For FLWs who are not vaccinated due to non-medical reasons, employers and workers will bear the additional 2 ART tests.
    3. Send nominated personnel to attend the ESSS.
    Further information
  7. More details on the collection process of the subsidised ART kits will be shared closer to 1 October 2021.
  8. We strongly urge all employers and dormitory operators to encourage your workers to get vaccinated to ensure a COVID-19 safe environment for everyone. Thank you.
  9. For further queries, please contact us at


  1. More regular testing using ART for unvaccinated individuals from selected sectors.
  2. Such as security guards, cleaners, F&B assistants, dormitory operators, barbers etc.
  3. Refer to the list of HSA approved ART kits.
  4. Refer to the Advisory on COVID-19 vaccination at the workplace.
  5. Please visit for more details. Choose the ‘Others’ option when prompted to fill in the details of your establishment.