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Advisory on supporting the well-being of migrant workers

Issued on 10 February 2021

  1. As an employer, you play a critical role in looking out for our migrant workers, supporting and helping them during these challenging times. During this upcoming holiday period, we seek your support to show care and concern to workers and may be in distress. You may wish to refer to four simple tips below on how best you can support your workers.
  2. Show care and concern for your workers, especially if there is negative news from their home countries, families or disputes among co-workers. Some signs to look out for are:
    • Withdrawing to themselves
    • Dependency on alcohol
    • Change in behaviour, e.g. speaking to themselves often, saying unusual things
    • Difficulty in performing tasks, absenteeism
  3. If you have not already done so, set up a buddy system to help your workers get through this challenging period. Connecting those who speak the same language, belong to the same culture will provide familiarity and comfort.
  4. For the upcoming Chinese New Year weekends, your workers may consider applying for exit passes to visit nearby recreation centres (RC). The RC operators and Non-Governmental Organisations have planned various activities for your workers. This include the distribution of mandarin oranges, red packets and more. For workers who are unable to celebrate the festivities with their families during this occasion, we hope such initiatives would bring some joy and comfort to them. More information about the programmes at the RCs will be shared separately on 10 February 2020.
  5. If your workers need to speak to someone, please refer them to the listed multi-language helplines available:

    HealthServe +65 3138 4460
    Migrant Workers’ Centre (24 hrs daily) +65 6536 2692
    Mon-Fri (Whatsapp)
  6. In addition, primary care and medical services are available:
    • Migrant workers continue to be supported by telemedicine, which is available via the FWMOMCare mobile application. Telemedicine is available 24 hours a day. All telemedicine consultations will continue to be at no cost for the time being.
    • Regional Medical Centres (RMC) continue to provide medical care for our migrant workers as per the schedule of fees.
    • In case of an emergency, call 995 or 999.
  7. Thank you for doing your part in caring for our migrant workers. Please refer the infographic.