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Advisory on extension of night clinics for migrant workers

Issued on 30 October 2020

  1. On 29 September 2020, MOM disseminated an advisory on the introduction of pilot night clinics for migrant workers.
  2. We have reviewed the results of the pilot initiative. The availability of night clinics has allowed migrant workers to seek medical attention after their working hours; this could reduce the number of sick day that workers take and reduce disruption to work.
  3. In view of the results, the Assurance, Care and Engagement (ACE) Group plans to extend the duration of night clinics beyond 31 October 2020. From 1 November 2020, the three Regional Medical Centres will continue to be operational from 6:30pm to 9:30pm daily, on top of their regular daytime operating hours.
  4. Employers and dormitory operators may schedule a night-time appointment on behalf of migrant workers by calling the Managing Agent in charge of the dormitory’s region. If your worker lives in a dormitory, transport will be arranged by the Managing Agent to and from the medical centres. If your worker resides in the community (i.e. HDB or Private Residential Premises), employers should self-arrange transport on behalf of your worker.

    Regions Night clinics Contact numbers for appointments
    South / West Regional Medical Centre
    @ Space@Tuas
    14 Tuas Avenue 1, Singapore 639499
    8349 1374
    North Regional Medical Centre
    @ Cochrane Recreation Centre
    100 Sembawang Drive, Singapore 756998

    8933 7756

    8544 4250

    East Regional Medical Centre
    @ Kaki Bukit Recreation Centre
    7 Kaki Bukit Avenue 3, Singapore 415814
    8933 7687
  5. We hope that this initiative will continue to serve our migrant workers well. ACE Group will continue to review our clinic operating hours to ensure that migrant workers continue to have good access to care.
  6. For further queries, please contact:

    Ministry of Manpower
    Online enquiry