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Advisory - Easing of restrictions on foreign employees’ visits to Recreation Centres

Issued on 8 March 2021

  1. From 10 March 2021, we will be easing restrictions on your foreign employees’ visits to Recreation Centres (RCs). Instead of the current one exit pass a week, your foreign employees will now be given three exit passes a week. For the assigned rest day, your foreign employees may apply for the Exit Pass 7 days in advance. For other days, your foreign employees may only apply on the day itself. Your foreign employees can use multiple Exit Passes2 on the same day1 so that they can spend a longer time at the RCs. In addition, your foreign employees will be given one hour for travelling time per visit.

    Visiting other places in the community
  2. Please be reminded that your foreign employees are only allowed to go to the RCs for leisure with a valid Exit Pass. They must carry their contact tracing devices visibly at all times and at all places. Your foreign employees are not allowed to visit other places in the community for now. We are currently drawing up plans to allow eligible foreign employees to visit the community once a month. We will inform you when the details are ready.

    Compliance of Safe Living and Safe Distancing Measures
  3. To ensure that your foreign employees can visit the RCs safely, Safe Living and Safe Distancing Measures will continue to be strictly enforced. These measures include:
    1. Limiting the time period of interaction at the RCs;
    2. Only allowing foreign employees to leave the dormitories if they are from cleared dormitories and have recovered or tested negative for COVID-19; and
    3. Observing Safe Management Measures at the RCs by limiting each group size to 8, with Safe Distancing between each group.
  4. You are reminded that you are not allowed to restrict or disallow your foreign employees from visiting the RCs if they have a valid Exit Pass. Allowing them to visit RCs safeguards the mental well-being of your foreign employees.
  5. You may refer to the Annex and bulletin for more information. For further queries, please contact us.
  6. Thank you for supporting us in our fight against COVID-19.


  1. There are five timeslots for the Exit Pass every day:
    1. 8am to 12 noon
    2. 11am to 3pm
    3. 2pm to 6pm
    4. 5pm to 9pm
    5. 8pm to 12 midnight
  2. A foreign employee can use up to three Exit Passes on the same day. As an example, an employee can use three Exit Passes and visit the RCs from 8am to 6pm.