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Advisory for employers whose workers are on Special Passes

Issued on 6 October 2020

  1. With effect from 8 October 2020, Special Pass holders who were previously Work Permit holders and have remained in Singapore for more than 14 days are required to undergo a Rostered Routine Testing (RRT) when they request for further extension of Special Pass from Ministry of Manpower.
  2. MOM will arrange the Special Pass holders to undergo swab tests as they do not fall under the eligibility of the RRT that are meant for live work permit holders.
  3. For Special Pass holders who are due for repatriation, the employers are reminded to submit a request to extend the Special Pass online. A swab test will be scheduled after the request is received by MOM. Employers are advised to submit extension requests at least a week prior to the special pass expiry date to be in time for a swab test to be scheduled. Their workers’ Special Passes will be extended only after they have undergone the swab tests.
  4. MOM will send SMSes to inform both employers and Special Pass holders on the appointment details on the swab tests. This SMS will be sent out 1 day before the swab test date. Employers are to remind their employees to attend the swab test and bring along the SMS and SP card or letter for the appointment.
  5. Special Pass holders who do not undergo the swab test to have their passes extended will have overstayed and be liable to pay overstaying fines and/or prosecution action.