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Advisory for employers of workers staying in Factory-Converted Dormitories, Construction Temporary Quarters or Temporary Occupation Licence quarters

Your help is critical in the fight against COVID-19

  1. You are receiving this as your work pass holders are staying at a Factory-Converted Dormitory, or a Construction Temporary Quarter, or a Temporary Occupation Licence quarter.
  2. In recent days, more cases of COVID-19 have involved foreign work pass holders in these places of residence. There is serious risk of widespread outbreak in your facility.
  3. From now till 4 May 2020, movements and interactions in public and private spaces will be significantly reduced to lower the risk of transmission. The general public has been asked to stay home and avoid interacting with anyone other than those living in the same household.

    Remind your workers to observe safe distancing measures
  4. Please ensure your work pass holders observe the following safe distancing measures:
    1. No inter-mixing of workers while staying at the dormitory / quarters. There should be strictly no inter-mixing of workers between blocks and where possible between floors. You should schedule timeslots for your workers to have some time out of their rooms at open spaces around the dormitory. During the scheduled timeslots out of the room, ensure that workers do not mix with other residents from other blocks and, where possible between floors. Other than the scheduled timeslots, workers should only stay in their rooms. While in the room, workers should maintain a safe distance of at least 1m apart from each other.
    2. Minimise time spent in public areas. Each group of residents residing within the same floor is permitted to have at least one hour of open space time each day. They will be allowed to leave the dormitory during this time to buy essentials or to run important errands, such as remitting money. The workers are to minimise time spent outside and must return to the dormitory/ quarters within the time period given to them.
    3. Mandatory to register time in/out when leaving the dormitory / quarters. Residents are required to register each time they leave the dormitory / quarters; you should ensure they record the time in/out, purpose for leaving their residence and intended destination.
    4. Maintain safe distance. Workers are to maintain safe distance in and out of the dormitory / quarters. Workers should not linger in the walkways / common areas of the dormitory / quarters and in public places. Workers are to avoid crowded places. Workers should wear a mask as a form of protection when they need to go out or in crowded places. Social gatherings in public is not allowed.
  5. During this period, please ensure that your work pass holders have catered meals so that they need not leave the dormitory / quarters. They must remain in their residence as much as possible.
  6. We need you to engage your workers and help them understand that these are important and necessary adjustments for their health and safety. Workers who do not cooperate will be fined. They will also risk having their work passes revoked and being permanently barred from working in Singapore.

    Monitor health of your workers
  7. Ensure that your work pass holders monitor their health and take their temperatures twice daily. If any of the them develop a fever or any flu-like symptoms (e.g. cough, runny nose, shortness of breath), they should report to the dorm operator immediately and seek medical treatment.
  8. Please remind your work pass holders to be socially responsible by observing good personal hygiene and observe safe distancing measures. Workers should download and activate the TraceTogether application on their smart phone.

    Prompt payment of salary and well-being of your work pass holders
  9. As a responsible employer, you must continue to pay your workers their salaries promptly and look after their well-being during this period.

    Action to be taken against irresponsible practices and behaviour
  10. MOM will take action against employers and/or work pass holders for any instances of irresponsible practices and behaviour. These actions could include revocation of work pass privileges.
  11. We seek your cooperation to be part of the fight against COVID-19 and to safeguard Singapore’s public health. Visit MOH’s website at www.moh.gov.sg regularly to keep yourself updated on the latest developments.
  12. Thank you for your support and contributions.
  13. Stay well and stay safe.