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Advisory for dormitory operators to submit essential errands form for migrant workers to carry out essential errands

Issued on 1 August 2020
Updated on 16 September 2020

  1. With Phase 2 of re-opening, migrant workers living in dormitories that have been cleared of COVID-19 infections will be allowed to leave the dormitory to carry out essential errands, regardless of whether they are allowed to return to work. This will allow our migrant workers to carry out their essential errands safely, and at the same time mitigating the risks of COVID-19 transmissions.
  2. Apart from visiting the Recreation Centres and designated areas, there are other essential errands that migrant workers would need to carry out personally. Please see Annex A for the list of essential errands.
  3. To facilitate their exit for these essential errands, with effect from 5 August 2020, employers or dormitory operators are required to submit the following information to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) at
    1. Migrant worker’s details;
    2. Details of the essential errand and corresponding documentation; and
    3. Date and time that the migrant worker will be carrying out the errand.
    Migrant workers can proceed with the specified essential errand, once the form has been filled up.
  4. Employers are strongly encouraged to provide private transport between the dormitory and the stipulated location, as they are accountable for their workers when their workers carry out the specified essential errand.
  5. This advisory is available on the MOM website. For further queries, please contact:

    Ministry of Manpower
    Online enquiry

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