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Advisories on COVID-19

Get the latest advisories and updates on COVID-19. Find out how to bring pass holders into Singapore and the current pass requirements. Read the requirements for Safe Management Measures at the workplace and our COVID-19 FAQs.

Frequently asked questions

Read the FAQs on COVID-19 matters, such as AccessCode, Safe Management Measures, SGWorkPass, levy rebates and levy waivers.

Latest advisories

These advisories apply to workplaces in general. You should also refer to specific industry-related advisories from other government agencies, where applicable.

Read the latest advisories:

More advisories

Requirements for Safe Management Measures at the workplace

Read the requirements for Safe Management Measures at the workplace to find out what you need to do to ensure safety for your employees and visitors when you resume business operations.

These requirements are meant for general workplace settings. Specific workplaces or industries may have to fulfil different requirements and should refer to the various sector-specific requirements for more information.

How to bring in pass holders and current pass requirements

Find out how to bring pass holders (helpers, work pass holders and their dependants) into Singapore and what are the current pass requirements.

Onboard centre

All non-Malaysian male Work Permit holders from the Construction, Marine shipyard and Process (CMP) sectors holding an In-Principle Approval will undergo the residential onboarding programme at MOM's Onboard centre for up to 4 days.

Safe Rest Days

The Safe Rest Day initiative helps migrant workers enjoy their rest days safely, and mitigates the risk of COVID-19 transmission with staggered rest days.

Cessation of rostered routine testing

In line with Multi-Ministry Taskforce's (MTF) announcement on 24 March 2022, Rostered Routine Testing (RRT) will cease for all sectors from 29 March 2022. This includes all workers, including unvaccinated or partially vaccinated workers residing in the dormitories. The cessation of the RRT regime is in consideration that the high vaccination and booster coverage among the migrant worker dormitory population, and safe management measures will continue to protect our workers.

TraceTogether token

Employers must ensure that your work pass holders carry their TraceTogether token at all times.

Educational resources on COVID-19 vaccination for work pass holders

Download educational resources on COVID-19 vaccination to find out why COVID-19 vaccine is important.

Educational resources on Antigen Rapid Test

Antigen Rapid Test (ART) is a fast and easy swab test which can be self-administered, for individuals to test if they might be infected with the COVID-19 virus.

Health resources for migrant workers, employers and dormitory operators

Find useful resources on mental health and well-being, and infection prevention and control.

Movement Restriction Order (MRO)

An Movement Restriction Order (MRO) may be issued to workers who test positive on an ART self-test, or when COVID-19 clusters are detected in dormitories.

Helping businesses on manpower issues

MOM has introduced temporary schemes to help companies manage the manpower disruptions caused by COVID-19.

  • Additional temporary relief measures to help companies with immediate effect
  • Temporary scheme to help companies in manufacturing and services sectors manage manpower needs
  • Temporary scheme to allow companies to transfer foreign workers across sectors to manage manpower needs

Work pass holders on SHN will be contacted by MOM

All work pass holders issued with SHN will be contacted by MOM via SMS, video calls or inspections to ensure they are complying with the SHN requirements.

You must use FWMOMCare to report your health status to MOM 3 times per day.

Identify if the call is a scam or not

MOM may contact workers and employers via voice and video calls on employment, well-being or housing related issues.

We will not ask for your financial information over the phone.

You can identify if the call is legitimate before you provide any information to the caller.

Give feedback on SHN

You can give us your feedback on SHN, including update of particulars:

For foreign workers on SHN, submit your feedback at

Sending your foreign workers home

Employers must follow certain steps to send your foreign workers home safely.