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Committee of Supply highlights 2017

Find out the key points of MOM’s Committee of Supply (COS) speeches, including links to more information about MOM’s COS announcements.

Committee of Supply 2017

MOM’s COS speeches were delivered by Minister Lim Swee Say, MOS Teo Ser Luck and MOS Sam Tan in Parliament on Monday, 6 March 2017.

The initiatives announced at MOM’s COS aim to:

  • Create Quality Jobs for Singaporeans
  • Help Singaporeans Take on New Jobs
  • Strengthen Local-Foreign Workforce Complementarity
  • Enhance the Employment Protection Framework
  • Enhance Retirement Adequacy for Singaporeans

You can also refer to these factsheets on our key announcements:

Read the full speeches:

For an overview of MOM’s COS announcements, download our COS-in-Brief.

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