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WSH Tech Challenge call for collaboration

MOM issued a call for collaboration on WSH Technology Challenge on 4 September 2017. It’s an invitation to all companies to collaborate with MOM and other public agencies such as Traffic Police, LTA, GovTech and Enterprise Singapore, to co-create solutions that will address the current WSH challenges.

To facilitate the development and adoption of technological solutions, the challenge has set aside $2M (up to 70% of eligible costs) to support proposals that has the potential to build industry’s WSH capability and bring up the WSH standards at workplaces.

MOM is looking for work-related vehicular safety solutions to improve safety and operational efficiency within worksites and public roads.

Key objectives

  • Catalyse the development of highly innovative and ground-breaking WSH solution.
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders and co-create solutions for WSH.
  • Test-bed and build business case for technology applications in WSH.
  • Facilitate adoption of technology to reduce work-related vehicular accidents.

Eligibility criteria

  • Open to companies across all industries (companies, researchers and academia) from public, private or non-profit institutions in the relevant fields.
  • Companies must be registered in Singapore.
  • Researchers and academia are strongly encouraged to partner with other system integrators or companies to develop and deploy the solution for end users.
  • Foreign companies that are keen to participate can either:
    • Participate through a local subsidiary.
    • Partner with a Singapore-registered company.

Project type

Project type Description Technology Readiness Level (TRL)
Research & Developmental (R&D) Solutions Requires development or validation in laboratory or operational environment TRL 4-7
Ready-to-Go (RTG) Solutions Off-the-shelf solutions and fully ready for operational deployment TRL 8-9


Date Milestone
3 Sep 2017 Announcement of call
4 Sep 2017 Public briefing
15 Nov 2017 Deadline for call submission
Mid Jan 2018 Presentation by short-listed candidates
Mid Mar 2018 Award of call

Funding of awarded proposals

MOM works with Enterprise Singapore to fund the awarded and eligible proposals so that solution providers can receive support to drive development, deployment and adoption by the industry.

Test-bedding sites

Test bedding should be done in Singapore. Awarded applicant will be supported with the provision of test sites and other relevant facilities to conduct their test-bedding. The possible test-bedding sites and other relevant facilities to conduct their test-bedding. The possible test-bedding sites relevant to the first challenge statement may include, but are not limited to:

  • Open worksites
  • General factory or warehouse
  • Sample size from a fleet of commercial vehicles

MOM reserves the right to use alternative facilities to support the test-bedding phase of the project.

How to submit proposal

Submission is closed.

More info

You can find out more:

If you have enquiries about the challenge, you can email the WSH Tech Challenge project team at