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Submit a certificate of fitness for medical monitoring

If a medical examination shows that a suspended worker is fit enough for hazardous work, a workplace doctor needs to submit a certificate of fitness before the worker can return to work.

At a glance

Who can submit Designated workplace doctor (DWD)
When to submit After a doctor’s assessment that a worker is fit to return to hazardous work.
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You will need the following:

  • (For company representatives) CorpPass. Apply for CorpPass if you don’t have one.
  • (For authorised users) SingPass.
  • Workplace number, workplace name and address of the employer.
  • Completed certificate of fitness.
  • Copies of laboratory test results.

How to submit

You can submit the certificate online:

  1. Log in to the eService to submit the certificate of fitness.
  2. Fill out the certificate of fitness.
  3. Print or save a copy of the certificate for your records. You should keep these records for at least 5 years.
  4. Give a copy of the certificate to the employer and the employee.
Save your work frequently. You can retrieve a saved draft submission and work on it later.
Last Updated: 26 October 2017