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Terminate a Factory Notification or Registration

You need to inform MOM if you want to terminate your Factory Notification or Registration.

Terminate a notification or registration

If your company has stopped operations at your current factory premises, you should terminate your Factory Notification or Registration.

Log in to the LicenceOne to terminate a registration or notification. Termination is immediate.

Starting from 19 December 2016, you can log in to LicenceOne using CorpPass. Visit to register for your account. More info.

Terminate a transaction

If you want to terminate a Factory Registration transaction that is pending payment, you can submit a letter of request on company letterhead. Include the following in the letter:

  • Online transaction case ID.
  • Reason for termination, e.g. contract withdrawal.
  • Signature of a management representative.
  • Company stamp.

You can either: