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Cancel a Training Work Permit

You need to cancel a Training Work Permit if the worker no longer works for you or when the permit expires. You also need to return the cancelled Training Work Permit card.

At a glance

When to cancel You need to cancel a Training Work Permit:
  • Within 1 week after the worker’s employment ends before the Training Work Permit expires.
  • When it expires.
Who can cancel Employer or appointed employment agency (EA).
How long it takes Within 3 working days.
When levy stops One day before cancellation.


  • For non-Malaysians, ensure that the scheduled departure date is within 1 week after cancellation.
  • Settle all outstanding employment issues, such as wages, before cancelling the Work Permit.
  • Cancel the Work Permit only after the worker’s last day of work.

If the worker’s last day of work is 1 August, you should cancel the Work Permit on 2 August so that levy will only be charged until 1 August.

You must make arrangements for the worker to leave Singapore by 9 August.

How to cancel

To cancel a Training Work Permit:

  1. Log in to WP Online and cancel the Work Permit.
  2. Print the acknowledgement letter and Special Pass. The Special Pass allows the worker to legally stay in Singapore before leaving.
  3. Give the acknowledgement letter and Special Pass to the worker. The worker must give the Special Pass to the immigration officer when leaving Singapore.

For non-Malaysians, the security bond will usually be discharged 1 week after the worker’s departure, and other conditions are met.

After cancelling

When the Work Permit is cancelled, the worker cannot work, even while waiting to leave Singapore.

Levy will be charged until one day before cancellation.

Return the card

You must return the original Work Permit card within 1 week of cancellation by posting it to Work Pass Division, Ministry of Manpower, 18 Havelock Road, Singapore 059764. You can use WP Online’s “card return” function to:

  • Check if we have received the card.
  • Tell us why you are unable to return the card.