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Maintenance of eServices on 26 December 2016

There'll be maintenance of eServices on Monday, 26 December 2016

Not available From To
Apply for an ESOL business account 8am 6pm
Apply for flexible work schedule 8am 6pm
Apply for overtime exemption 8am 6pm
Apply for salary deduction 8am 6pm
Claim notice pay from ex-employee 8am 6pm
File a claim against your employer 8am 6pm
File a maternity-related issue 8am 6pm
File a re-employment related issue 8am 6pm
Labour Market Statistical Information ( 8am 6pm
Manpower Survey Online 8am 6pm
Notify for employment of young persons 8am 6pm
Notify for retrenchment exercise 8am 6pm
Report an Employment Act violation 8am 6pm
Last Updated: 21 December 2016