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Work Permit - Before you apply

Construction Safety Orientation Course

About the Course

All Foreign Workers employed in the construction industry must attend a full-day Construction Safety Orientation Course (CSOC). At the end of the course, the workers will receive a safety orientation pass if they pass its requirement/assessment. Foreign workers who fail the assessment will need to retake the course as soon as possible.

This course is needed to:

  • Ensure that construction workers are familiar with the common safety requirements and health hazards in the industry;
  • Educate them on the required measures for preventing accidents and diseases; and
  • Ensure that the construction workers are aware of their rights and responsibilities under the employment law.

Before we can issue the Work Permit, employers must ensure that Foreign Workers attend the course within two weeks of arriving in Singapore.

Employers must also ensure that their existing workers have a safety orientation pass valid for at least one month before submitting the renewal request.

Employers who fail to ensure that their workers take and pass the CSOC will be barred from applying for new Work Permits for three months, while the affected workers will have their Work Permits revoked.

Taking the Course

Employers can register their workers for the CSOC with the Accredited Training Providers (ATPs).

NTS or PRC construction workers who have worked with any employer for a cumulative period of two or more years in the construction industry, may be hired by main contractors without the need for MYE.

The levy payable for basic skilled worker will be higher than the higher skilled worker, regardless of the MYE.

You may view the levy rates here.

Last updated on 27 December 2012 04:49:40