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Letter of Consent for Long-Term Visit Pass - Plus
(LTVP+) holders

Letter of Consent for Long Term Visit Pass holders

MOM will be streamlining the types of work passes for foreigners who are married to Singapore Citizens (SCs) or Permanent Residents (PRs).

From 1 February 2015, foreign spouses of SCs or PRs on Long Term Visit passes (LTVP) will be issued a Letter of Consent (LOC) if they wish to work in Singapore. This arrangement is similar to that currently in place for Long Term Visit Plus pass (LTVP+) holders.

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Who are eligible

If a Long-Term Visit Pass - Plus (LTVP+) holder wishes to work in Singapore, the employer will need to apply for a Letter of Consent (LOC). This can be done via Employment Pass Online (EP Online).

For more information on LTVP+ eligibility, please visit Immigration & Checkpoints Authority’s website.

Before you begin the application process, please look at these important information:

  • The employer will need to submit the application for Letter of Consent.
  • The LTVP+ holder can only begin working after the employer has received the Letter of Consent.
  • The Letter of Consent ceases to be valid:
    • - When the LTVP+ is cancelled or has expired; or

      - The pass holder is no longer employed by the company.

You can refer to the pdfFAQs for more information.

What to submit

Please submit evidence of applicant’s profession (for selected professions only):

Applicant Document(s) required
Regional representatives A copy of the approval letter from International Enterprise Singapore for setting up of the Representative Office

A letter from the Representative's Office Headquarters stating:
  1. The purpose of the application
  2. The duration of the applicant's assignment
  3. An undertaking for the maintenance and repatriation of the applicant.
Applicants from these professions:
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Nursing
  • Sports
A copy of the relevant supporting document(s) with the respective vetting agency/professional body/accreditation agency as follows:
  1. Doctor - Singapore Medical Council
  2. Dentist - Singapore Dental Council
  3. Pharmacist - Singapore Pharmacy Council
  4. Nurse - Singapore Nursing Board
  5. TCM Practitioner - TCM Practitioners Board
  6. Lawyer - Attorney-General's Chambers
  7. Football Player/Coach - Sport Singapore

For allied health professionals, see the requirements specified by the Allied Health Professions Council.

See the pdflist of occupations that require supporting document(s) from the respective vetting agency, professional body or accreditation agency.
Applicants from food establishments

A copy of the establishment's National Environment Agency licence issued in the name of the body-corporate, sole proprietor or partner and it shows the address of premises where applicant's duties are to be performed.


There is no administration fee charged for Letter of Consent applications submitted.

Application process

Letter of Consent applications for LTVP+ holders are to be submitted online through EP Online.

Submission of supporting documents

Companies/employment agencies are required to upload relevant supporting documents when submitting a Letter of Consent application.

As the documents submitted online are for verification purposes, please ensure that the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • clear and correct copies of the documents are submitted;
  • the recommended scanner resolution is 150dpi or more;
  • only PDF file format would be acceptable for the document upload. Each document file size must not exceed 2MB; and
  • supporting documents which are not in English should be submitted together with an official English translation. Both documents must be scanned and uploaded as one file.

What happen next

Approximately 80% of applications are processed within seven working days. The employing company can log in to EP Online to print the Letter of Consent online once the application has been approved.

The applicant may also check the application's status online.

When to cancel

The Letter of Consent should be cancelled within seven days after the LTVP+ holder leaves the company.

The employer/authorised third party (e.g. Employment Agency) acting on behalf of the company can cancel the Letter of Consent electronically via EP Online.

When to renew

The Letter of Consent can be renewed at least six months before it expires.This can be done through EP Online.

Note: Before submitting the renewal application, make sure that the LTVP+ is valid for at least three months. If it does not, go to Immigration & Checkpoints Authority to renew the LTVP+.

Getting a replacement

To get a replacement for the lost LOC, write to the Work Pass Division at

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