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If a foreign worker's medical expenses exceed the insurance limit, can the worker pay part of it?

Yes, you can get your foreign worker to bear part of the cost of medical treatment that exceeds the minimum medical insurance requirement. However, you cannot get them to bear the entire cost.

For your worker to pay part of the cost, you will need to have a co-payment arrangement. For the co-payments, you must ensure that:

  • The part of the medical costs to be paid by the foreign worker only covers costs in excess of the minimum medical insurance requirement, which is $15,000.
  • The amount paid by the foreign worker should not exceed 10% of the worker's monthly salary.
  • The arrangement is made with the foreign worker's agreement and is stated explicitly in the worker's existing employment contract or collective agreement.

If the arrangement takes the form of a salary deduction, you should also write in to MOM to seek permission from the Commissioner of Labour before making the deduction.