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I have hired new employees. When will my company's local workforce be updated?

Your local workforce is updated on the second working day and second Saturday of each month.

You will not see an immediate increase in quota.

This is because we take the average of CPF contributions over a three-month period to calculate your quota. If you make the CPF contributions by the 14th of the same month, it will be included in next month’s quota calculation.

For example, if you pay your employees’ July contributions by 14 July, it will be included in your quota for August. The quota for August will be worked out using May, June and July’s CPF contributions.

This way, companies that have recruited locals recently will be able to see their quota updated earlier.

However, some companies prefer to make CPF contributions for their employees in the next month, i.e. CPF contributions for July are made in August. For those, MOM adopts the same method of a 3-month average to compute the foreign worker quota. The difference is when the foreign worker quota is updated. Using the example of employees’ July contributions that are made in August, the foreign worker quota in August will then be worked out using April, May and June’s CPF contributions.

Last Updated: 17 July 2017