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Tripartite Standards

The Tripartite Standards are a new tripartite initiative which helps organisations with good practices distinguish themselves. They complement our laws, Tripartite Guidelines and Advisories to increase the adoption of fair and progressive workplaces practices in Singapore.

What are Tripartite Standards

Each Tripartite Standard comprises a set of verifiable, actionable employment practices across different functional areas, e.g. term contract employment, recruitment practices, etc, which progressive employers adopt.

Each of these has been approved and issued by the tripartite partners.

Jobseekers and employees can identify these employers and the specific progressive employment practices implemented by them.

Find out more about the Tripartite Standards and how to adopt them.

Available Tripartite Standards

The following Tripartite Standards have been launched:

Tripartite Standards for Employment of Term Contract Employees Tripartite Standard on Employment of Term Contract Employees
Tripartite Standards for Flexible Work Arrangements Tripartite Standard on Flexible Work Arrangements
Tripartite Standards for Grievance Handling Tripartite Standard on Grievance Handling
Tripartite Standards for Recruitment Practices
Tripartite Standard on Recruitment Practices
Tripartite Standards for Media Freelancers
Tripartite Standard on the Procurement of Services from Media Freelancers
Last Updated: 12 December 2017