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Enhancements to help employees manage employment disputes

From April 2017, the Employment Claims Tribunals (ECT) and the Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management (TADM) will be set up to provide employees and employers with an accessible and expeditious avenue to resolve employment disputes, when they arise.

Setting up ECT and TADM

The ECT will be established under the State Courts and will replace the role of the Commissioner for Labour in adjudicating statutory salary-related claims under the Employment Act (EA), Retirement and Re-employment Act (RRA) and Child Development Co-Savings Act (CDCA). The ECT will also hear contractual salary-related claims.

TADM will provide advisory and mediation services, including mediation before claims can be heard at ECT. Parties with a salary-related dispute should first register their claims at TADM. Claims which cannot be resolved through mediation will then be referred to the ECT for adjudication.

Claims that can be filed at ECT
  • Statutory salary-related claims from all employees covered under the EA, RRA and CDCA.
  • Contractual salary-related claims by all employees, except domestic workers, public servants and seafarers.
  • Claims for salary in lieu of notice for all employers.
Maximum claim amount

$20,000, or $30,000 for those who go through Tripartite Mediation Framework or mediation assisted by unions recognised under the Industrial Relations Act.

Note: A claimant whose claim exceeds $20,000 or $30,000 may abandon the excess amount to enable their case to be heard by the ECT.

When to file your claim

Within 1 year from the date of the dispute.

Note: If the employment relationship has ended, the claim must be filed within 6 months after the last day of employment.

Enhancements to the Tripartite Mediation Framework

The Tripartite Mediation Framework (TMF), under the Industrial Relations Act, will be enhanced to allow more employees to benefit from tripartite mediation as an option to of resolve employment disputes.

Eligibility for tripartite mediation

Before April 2017 From April 2017
  • PMEs earning monthly basic salary of up to $4,500 per month and are union members in non-unionised companies.
  • All PMEs who are union members in non-unionised companies.
  • Rank-and-file union members in non-unionised companies.

Coverage of issues

Before April 2017 From April 2017
  • Salary arrears
  • Breach of individual employment contracts
  • Payment of retrenchment benefits
  • Employment statutory benefits, e.g. overtime pay, public holiday and rest day pay, maternity and other leave
  • Re-employment issues
  • Salary arrears
  • Breach of individual employment contracts
  • Payment of retrenchment benefits

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Last Updated: 22 August 2016