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MOM's vision, mission and values

Learn about the Ministry of Manpower's mission and values and how these support the vision of building a Great Workforce and a Great Workplace for Singapore.


A Great Workforce. A Great Workplace.


To develop a productive workforce and progressive workplaces, for Singaporeans to have better jobs and a secure retirement.


Our vision is to develop a great workforce where Singaporeans can aspire to higher incomes and fulfilling careers. We also seek to create great workplaces where companies have outstanding employment practices and organisational cultures.

To achieve this vision, our mission is to improve the skills and productivity of the Singaporean workforce so that they can have better jobs, higher incomes and a secure retirement.

We will judiciously supplement our workforce with foreigners to strengthen the Singaporean core.

We will also build progressive workplaces, strengthen tripartite relationships and encourage harmonious work cultures. This will help us create fair and forward-looking employment practices that provide safe and healthy work environments and enable work-life balance.

As MOMers, we also aspire to be a Great Workforce and a Great Workplace, embodying in our own organisation what we hope to achieve for Singapore.


The four shared values of MOM guide the behaviours and actions of MOMers towards building a Great Workforce and a Great Workplace for Singapore.

These values are:

  • People-centredness
    MOM succeeds by making people the heart of our work. Being people-centred helps us understand the needs of our customers and get the best from our people.
  • Professionalism
    We are professional in our behaviours and actions, exercising our power fairly to achieve the best outcomes for Singapore.
  • Teamwork
    We succeed through teamwork. This is achieved by leveraging on the diverse talent within MOM to be an effective organisation. We also work with partners outside to create a vibrant workforce and progressive workplace.
  • Passion for progress
    We are passionate about seeking progress. We are constantly learning and improving ourselves so as to be prepared to deal effectively with change to create a better future for Singapore.
Last Updated: 23 April 2015