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MOM logo

MOM’s corporate logo is symbolic of its dynamic business in planning, managing and developing our manpower resources. The colours, lines and shape convey our commitment in developing our talent pool and contributing to Singapore as a Talent Capital.

MOM logo

Surging upwards towards a common shared vision, the three strokes symbolise the Ministry's commitment towards a total systems approach, which promotes holistic decision-making. Innovation, flexibility and responsiveness are represented by the continuous upwards swirl. This swirl reflects an organisation that is continuously looking for new solutions and creative ideas.

The three lines capture the importance of partnership for the Ministry. Our workers, employers and government must work together in order to harness the collective wisdom of tripartism. The tripartite partnership will therefore continue to be a key foundation of the Ministry.

The encapsulating orange line around the three blue lines shows the global environment which the Ministry is operating in. This means that beyond tripartism, the Ministry must adopt a partnership approach with other government bodies and private sector entities as well. The fluidity and dynamism of the logo is balanced by the dignity and authority of the typeface. This reinforces the Ministry’s regulatory role in ensuring harmonious workplaces, managing the flow of foreign workers and establishing a conducive welfare structure.

Finally, the colour blue reflects the core of our workforce. The continuous upward surge of the blue lines reveals that our workers are continually upgrading themselves to achieve lifelong employability. The bright orange circumference radiates energy and confidence, capturing the essence of a progressive, talented knowledge-based workforce who is ready to meet global challenges. This is the 'gold-collar' worker which our workforce aspires to be.

Last Updated: 6 May 2015